Bat Bone

Bat Bone
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Price: $32.00
Product ID : RB-BatBone
Manufacturer: Rotor Bones
Weight: 0.60 lbs
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The Bat Bone is made of 1.5mm, high density, black G-10 glass fiber board. The bat-wing shape gives this tricopter frame a distinct silhouette that helps maintain visual orientation while flying. The Bat Bone is designed to give you plenty of space to mount your gear within the frame, while making it easily accessible. The interlocking cross-bracing makes for a very rigid and durable frame.


NOTE: Electronics sold separately.


Weight: 120 grams

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Tymtravler
Tymtravler bought "Bat Bone" on our website
09/20/2013 - 12:34:18 PM
The Bat Bone Is Awesome
Got my Bat Bone today and saw it was outstanding. Went together very easy using my 12mm carbon fiber boom tubes with wooden inserts. Now I am chomping at the bit for the rest of my parts so I can fly this bad boy.
Reviewed by Multi-Mike
06/20/2013 - 10:18:28 AM
Make no bones about it, this is an awesome frame!
When I first saw this frame on the Flitetest forums page, I was instantly intrigued by its creative design, and uniquely organic look. It is truly in a class by itself, in a setting of run of the mill Y-axis frames. I just had to contact Chad to express my admiration of his creation, and to inquire as to its future availability. At that point it was only a concept piece, and he expressed that it needed reworking, and refining to become a viable frame. Man, am I glad he followed through with this one!

Finally, when it showed up on the store page as a "coming soon" product, I could not pass up the opportunity to again contact Chad, and request a advanced release for testing, and review. He was kind enough to send me a prototype (which is very similar to the currently available product), and I did not waste any time building it into a V-tail Tri/Quad, that would be a successor to my previously proven version one V-tail.

Now, for the review...

The frame itself is very rigid, and has almost no torsional flex, even when twisted by hand. It displays absolutely no sign of flex when in the air, no matter how hard I swing it around.

There is plenty of room for the installation of all of my electronics, and the folding design should make for an excellent breakaway in the event of a crash.

Its construction is impeccable. With nice thick G-10 material, and well though out reinforcement bracing, sandwiched between the top, and bottom plates.

It balances out very well, even with my dual motored tail design, and allows the COG to come very close to the center of my flight controller.

All in all, if you own just one Y-axis frame, let this be it... You will not regret it!

Oh Yeah, and its shaped like a Bat! Need I say more?

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